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A testimonial from our regular customer

I consider myself a fairly conscientious person, especially when it comes to food and eating out at restaurants. And while I love foods and meals that are delicious, I am picky and particular about the places where I choose to eat. Despite the fan fare, magazine ratings, or prices ($,$$,$$$, and up), I’ve found that the key to eating great tasting food that is good to you as it is for you is the time, caring, attention to detail, freshness of ingredients, and values of those who own and prepare the food. For these reasons, I continue to be a frequent visitor to the Sutton Sandwich Shop, located in the Bolton Hill neighborhood of Baltimore.

The husband and wife/wife and husband team of Leila and John do a wonderful job in providing a variety of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) that are good and relatively easy on the pocket/pocketbook. The restaurant, which seats approximately 30, is kept immaculate and well lit. The meals (served in good proportions) are cooked to order and generally prepared in full and open view of those deciding to eat-in or take-out their orders.

People come from all walks of life as well as from the various agencies and residential areas in the neighborhood, including the Armory, the State Center offices, and the Lyric Theater. As a neighborhood venue, it is not uncommon to see both regulars (including police officers, postal workers, truck and bus drivers, construction workers, students and teachers, etc.) as well as local celebrities and residents all gathering to enjoy quick-order meals that are well-prepared, modestly priced and relatively healthy – unless, of course, you choose otherwise.

Rod Taylor (frequent flyer and supporter)



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